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DNR Horse Trails on the North Side of Blue River
  • DNR Trail Intersection Markers

  • Color-Coded Directional Markers

  • Painted Blazes on Trees Along Trails

Camp at Come Again Horse Camp and explore the Harrison-Crawford Forestry horse trails on the north side of Blue River.   Trails are well marked and mapped.


Riders will find a variety of conditions to include level dirt and occasionally rocky terrain to steep slopes through primarily shaded forest, wide graveled log roads to narrow wooded paths, a picnic overlook, spring-fed creeks as well as dry creek beds, and of course the Blue River. 


Fewer riders use these trails so expect unmanicured scenery, occasional downed trees to step over or ride around, and few encounters with other riders.  Muddy areas exist year around due to the many ground seeps in the forestry.  Rural paved and gravel roads may also be accessed, handy for those desiring a short easy jaunt.


Riders may choose from  short 1-2 hour rides, leisurely 3-4 hour rides, or an all day ride thru multiple connected trails including the south side of Blue River when the river is at normal pool.

Tucker Camp is a privately owned property beside a DNR Blue River access, not available for public camping.  Respect the Tucker's property by staying on the gravel driveway, not riding into their space, and ONLY using the river access with the DNR horse trail marker.

Norman, Melissa, and friends do help maintain the trails; however, DNR is responsible for trail maintenance.  So occasional help from all trail riders to move limbs, pick up trash, or trim brush while riding helps keep these trails open for everyone!

DNR Bridle Tags Required
  • Indiana DNR Bridle Tags are required for each horse (includes mules, donkeys, ponies, foals) using Indiana DNR trails. 

  • Come Again Horse Camp is outside the Indiana State Park, therefore no state park vehicle pass or entry fee is required. 

  • Hoosier National Forest bridle tags are not valid in Indiana State Parks. 

  • Come Again Horse Camp cannot sell DNR bridle tags.

Annual Bridle Tag:    $20

Entitles one horse to access and use Indiana DNR properties where horse use is allowed.  Good from Jan. 1 until Dec. 31 of the year issued.  Purchase at any Indiana State Park gate or office where horse use is allowed.  Or click on the link below.  

Single Day Use Bridle Tag:    $5

Entitles one horse to access and use Indiana DNR properties for one day where horse use is allowed.  Purchase at O'Bannon State Park gate or office.  Single Day tags are only valid the day of purchase.  Not available on-line. 

Trail Maps

Hardcopy trail map brochures are available to Come Again Horse Camp guests.  These maps with trail names, intersection numbers, and color coding were developed by Indiana DNR.   

  • White numbered markers are located at trail intersections.

    • 100 series markers are north of Blue River and east of Wyandotte Cave Road.

    • 200 series markers are north of Blue River and west of Wyandotte Cave Road.

    • 300 series markers are south of Blue River, east of SR462.

  • Colored tag markers on trails north of Blue River, indicate trail names & direct to destinations.​

  • Painted blazes on trees on trails north of Blue River show colors that correspond to the maps.

Trails East of Wyandotte Cave Rd &
North of Blue River

HCSF North East Horse Trails Map 2020 v2

Trails West of Wyandotte Cave Rd &
North of Blue River

HCSF North West Horse Trails Map 2020 v2

Trails North of Blue River,
West of SR462 & South of Blue River

Horse Trails HCSF N&S w contact info.jpg

DNR Harrison-Crawford State Forest Horse Trails Map 2022

This map is part of the DNR brochure available on the DNR website:

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