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Leatherwork & Repairs

Norman enjoys creating custom leather goods and can make repairs to leather or canvas items such as saddle bags, saddles and bridles.  His time in the leather shop usually occurs in the winter or on rainy days, so immediate repair or completion of custom leatherwork may not be feasible.  He keeps this as a hobby, not a job!


Repairs are limited in matching of goods and hardware as well as to the size of his sewing machines.  An estimate can be made to determine if items can be repaired or are worth the money it may take to do a repair.   


The minimum charge for leatherwork or repair is $10.  Prices are subject to change.

Custom Leather Beverage Bag

Fastens to the back of the saddle with buckles and straps.  Tight velcro closure.  Fully insulated to carry ice and snacks for long rides without leaking.  Norman takes orders for the bags thru the riding season to make them in the winter.

$175 and up for customizing

beverage bags.jpg
beverage bag with horse engraved.JPG
beverage bag with pouch.jpg

Knife Sheath


This custom leather sheath slides on a belt, but can be made to fasten to a saddle.  

$20 and up for customizing

knife sheath for belt_edited.jpg

Instrument Straps


Custom made to fit the instrument and musician with themed decor and color variety.

Request price quote.

mandolin strap.JPG
guitar strap.JPG
wedding dress belt.jpg

Leather Belt


Quality leather belts, plain or custom made.   Price depends on addition of hardware, buckle, and tooling.  

$25 Plain 1-1/4" wide

with no hardware, tooling, or buckle

brown belt_edited.jpg
gun holster black with belt.JPG
gun holster with brown belt.JPG

Gun Holster


Leather holster custom fit to the gun and made unique to the individual's style, simple, western, or lots of bling.  

Request Price Quote

simple holster.jpg
simple holsters.jpg
holster w bling.jpg
horse collar antique restoration.JPG
phone case back.jpg

Custom to a Purpose


Leather items may be created to fit a multitude of purposes such as a phone case for a belt, an archery scabbard with a belt, or a rifle scabbard for a UTV.   And old horse collars can be restored for a wall hanging.

Request Price Quote

phone case front.jpg
rifle scabbard for UTV.JPG
arrow scabbard with belt.JPG
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